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Kwame Nkrumah Versus Martin Luther King Jnr: Stars Shining In The Darkest Hour

Seeing photographs of Kwame Nkrumah and Martin Luther King Jr. sitting on the magnificent soils of Ghana rekindles my optimism that the long night of Africa's captivity is almost to a finish.

It's a photograph shot when Dr. King was invited to Ghana by Kwame Nkrumah, Ghana's independence hero, to see the Union Jack fall as the Red Gold Green with the black Star imprinted was hoisted in its stolen place.

"The dream of Dr. King Jnr is about to be manifested, ending the meaningless Africa's independence enslaved in neocolonialism presaged by Kwame Nkrumah," says the emerging image, which is prophetic in its own right.

The day of the Blackman's liberation is approaching. At our danger, we let it slip from our grasp. Our physical unity will strengthen our resolve to assume our rightful role as the world's Kings and Queens.

For far too long, the slave ship that took our forefathers has robbed us of our superiors. Our past was deleted and retold in a new way, brainwashing our educated citizens into believing that "Africa was a savagery, and unruly semi-humans." We're obliged to accept it since, prior to the arrival of the Whiteman on our shores, we'd been walking around naked and sleeping in tree tops.

But today, those of us who didn't believe that version of history and traversed the length and width of the globe in search of knowledge have discovered the Slave master's fraud, whose primary goal was to plunder and steal our bequeathed resources.

The fact that our stolen artworks are displayed in their museums says it all.

Our minerals, which are channeled down drains that irrigate their vehicle firms, are our response to the purported better instructor whom we've come to know.

The gradual substitution of toxified genetically modified species for organic foods should prompt us to reconsider our relationship with our ostensibly authentic lovers.

The unequal trade accords that left our cocoa farmers impoverished while chocolate producers swim in inexhaustible wealth shed light on the true motivations of the ostensibly business partner we eagerly welcomed to our shores.

All the hidden intentions enshrouded in the closet of the alleged nice stranger we greeted ages ago are shining in the light of day.

We are magnificent African blooded sons and daughters. We don't employ dishonest tactics to get what we're owed. To collect our inheritance, we do not resort to violence. We're reclaiming what's rightfully ours, armed with our awakened African might.

The darkest hour has arrived. The hope portrayed in the two people in this photograph should be the shining star that illuminates Africa's darkest hour.

Our morning is approaching.

Long live Kwame Nkrumah's soldiering soul!

Long live the new African talents on the rise!

Africa, long live!Our morning is approaching.

Martin Luther King Jr.'s great spirit will live on!

Long live the new African talents on the rise!

Africa, long live!

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