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You can never understand this gender. Man lands himself in big trouble for doing this to his woman.

Indeed it is impossible to understand this gender and it is evident in almost everything they do. A guy has landed himself in big for not doing something he was not supposed to do. Not understandable right? Well let's delve right into it.

There has always been the saying that women are impossible to please or understand and we are witness to soo many typical examples of that. Women will sometimes complain when you are not putting in enough effort to please them but sometimes when you put in too much effort, they get offended. To be able to understand a woman take a long time of observation and study. Learn to be in their shoes and sometimes think and see things from their perspective.

In a video fast trending online, a man landed himself in trouble for not doing something he was prohibited to do. He slapped his woman's backside when she was busy doing some chores and she scolded him for it so he avoided it the next time and the woman found a problem with that too. 

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