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Dennis Aboagye - Sammy Gyamfi, You Have Told Lies 3 Times In 1 Minute 30 Seconds

Dennis Miracles Aboagye, a part of the NPP Communications team member has alleged that Sammy Gyamfi has lied 3 times in just 1 minute 30 seconds.

In a post shared on his official Facebook page today Dennis wrote that he couldn't believe that Sammy Gyamfi lied 3 times in this short 1mins 38secs video. "Yes, within 1mins, 38secs, he lied 3 Times and he lies with so much arrogance to my admiration."

Dennis said that;

The first lie is that NPP HASN’T BUILT EVEN 1 BRAND NEW SHS

According to Dennis Sammy Gyamfi has been telling and peddling this lie for almost 5 years now. He said that the NPP has built the following Brand new schools

1. Laribanga Islamic SHS

2. Abomosu STEM SHS

3. Bosomtwe Girls SHS

4. Dabaa SHS 

5. Awesome SHS 

6. Kwadaso creative Art school 

7. Kpesenkpe SHS 

8. Awaso SHS

9. Gbawe SHS 

These are aside the several new Model SHS that are at various stages of completion. With all of this public and available information, watch his demeanor as he lies without a blink in his attempt to mislead the entire country. 

He explained that Sammy Gyamfi's second loe is that NDC completed and commissioned 50 e blocks 

"Another big lie he has been peddling for ages, the NDC in their own notes indicated 46 as the total Number of completed E-Blocks and to have Sammy Gyamfi confidently sit on TV and lie that, 50 E-Blocks were completed and commissioned isn’t strange due to his party’s history but quiet shocking.

Indeed, a day after the show, he comes back on his Facebook wall in an attempt to salvage the little credibility left and hugely contradicts himself by saying they completed “about 50” and commissioned 46.

Felix Ofosu Kwakye, Aide to their flagbearer claims they completed 36 E Blocks. In another interview, their Flagbearer, former Prez Mahama also claimed they completed and commissioned 36 of the E-Blocks. No suprises here.

Dennis also said that Sammy Gyamfi lied about the Abomosu STEM SHS (V-Block) is a Mahama Project worth sod cutting done by Mahama.

Bizarrely so, the gentleman managed to put such a big lie on live TV without any blink. You can imagine how many more lies they are telling the citizens within the communities. 

The establishment of these new senior high schools comprises the construction of seven (7) new Senior High Schools and the upgrading of two (2) existing schools into model schools, making a total of nine (9) schools.

Dennis said that Sammy Gyamfi want to help NDC to lie their way to power. You may watch the video.

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