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Two Ladies Fight Dirty On Street Only To Be Separated For Another Set To Fight Again.

A viral video of two women in a restaurant fighting went trending not long ago. Another video of two women fighting in public can be found here. The video, like the others, has gone viral.

People tried to separate the two ladies wearing white tops battling dirty but there was no avail.

The cause of the confusion is still unclear, but some viewers reacted negatively.

The majority of videos of street fist fights are from women, which should not be the case.

Two women eventually split them. However, a new brawl erupted between the women who had separated them.

You've probably noticed that most women nowadays fight and get physical. You've probably seen how two other women who separated the fight got themselves into a new episode of it right?

What is the possible curb to this? Today, it's two slay queens fighting, tomorrow it's two other ladies fighting.

Any advice for the ladies of this generation? Do share your thoughts in the comment section for they are most welcome.

Thank you.

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