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Between Pamela Odame And BustyGh; Who Is More Beautiful And Endowed With Heavy Chest

Ghana is one of the most beautiful and hospitable countries in the world which is located in West Africa. Ghana is a very peaceful country which filled with over 49 tribes and ethnic groups. One thing which is the hallmark of the various tribes is the possession of beautiful and curvaceous women. This have made Ghana one of the countries in the world equipped with a lot of beautiful and curvaceous women. Two curvy and busty Ghanaian women; Pamela Odame and BustyGh are Instagram models who are endowed with flawless beauty and heavy chest. Among these two models, which of them is more beautiful and endowed with huge chest.

Pamela Odame

Pamela Odame is a Ghanaian-Kenyan actress, a freelance model, a video vixen and a social media influencer. Pamela Odame was born in Kenya but raised in Ghana. She has lived most of her in life Ghana. She is a marketing student at the Wisconsin University in Accra. Pamela rose to fame in Ghana after joining Instagram. Pamela Odame has been flaunting her huge chest and amazing curves on Instagram which have won a lot of hearts in Ghana. Pamela Odame is a beautiful and charming woman in Ghana who is endowed with huge chest.


A beautiful and voluptuous Ghanaian woman known as BustyGh is causing massive waves on the internet with her heavy chest. BustyGh is a popular Instagram model and a social media influencer. She is one of the most beautiful and curvaceous women in Ghana. BustyGh has been causing a lot of confusions on the internet with her heavy chest.

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