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Date Rush: 24year old Kobby takes Mariam home even though she promised to leave him if he gets broke

Date Rush has been so exciting and we could not be more happier to see Kobby Emmanuel of 24years make a decision to get a date. He actually chose Mariam due to her truthfulness. Mariam had initially admitted that , there is no privacy in a relationship and so her man can take and check her phone . When Kobby asked Mariam and Sophia what would make them opt out of the relationship, they both gave controversial responses.

Sophia said she will exit the relationship when Kobby checks up on her phone and controls her.

Mariam, on the other hand, promised to leave the relationship when Kobby gets broke since her ex boyfriend left her despite all her financial sacrifices. She further explained that she is currently been taken care of by her parents and any man who wants her should be ready to spend on her.

Kobby Emmanuel, who could not leave the stage without a date, had no option than to pick a money loving lady over a non submissive one. We hope he made the right choice. Jennifer, on the other hand, kept complaining throughout the show because she felt the guys were only interested in the curves of the women than what they can offer. She further explained that the 24year old Kobby was virtually doing the same career as she is doing and that was a turn off for her. Marjorie, the new girl on the date Rush felt the other ladies were not a match for her. She said she was five times better than all of them but went home without a date. Sophia also said that she does not like to be controlled and so she would not want her man to check on her phone . Her non-submissive nature was a complete turn off for the guys.

Julius Dameli was the other guy on date Rush. He appeared and spoke as if he was a terrible womanizer who wanted big ladies but he swerved them and picked the slim Cherry. Julius is a UDS graduate,an actor and a cinematographer . He is in a family of six and he likes traveling ,cooking and having fun . He said he does not like been idle because he is hardworking. Most of the ladies do not like the work he does because many ladies come around him.

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