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Ghana's Musicians can survive with this smart partnerships after COVID-19

As a global pandemic, COVID-19 has wrecked havoc with utterly overwhelming health and humanitarian crisis , and the economic impact on lives and livelihoods of the attempt to contain the virus is unprecedented in a century.

Music industry ,particularly Ghana's entertainment industry is one of the sectors badly affected by COVID-19, in both positive and negative ways.

Businesses including hotels ,bars , restaurants , beaches among others which are mostly sustained by the activities of artists or musicians are still struggling to survive .

The ban on activities at beaches , bars ,restaurants ,hotels and other public places in the country is still enforced as part of preventive measure to stop the spread of COVID-19 among the citizenry .

Ghana's creative industry has not been spared from the consequences of this catastrophe. 

At it stands now , the emergency restrictions announced by government banned all social gathering and mass activities is heavily having economic repurcation on entertainment, events and conferences and all cultural events including funerals. 

The country's creative practitioners and their partners  in the larger cultural community , musicians, film makers, performers, artists, publishers, writers, event organisers and other allied groups such as those in the tourism sector have all been grounded.

Already some musicians have started complaining about the economic hardships they are going through.

Some musicians including Bright Homenya, Ghanaian Reggae and Afro- Dancehall musician and a producer, popularly known in showbiz circles as Article Wan in an interview on Tv3 New Day appealed to the President, Nana Akufo Addo to review the ban to enable the already suffering artists start organising public shows with preventive measures like wearing of nose marks. 

Despite this challenging environment, some economic watchers, especially those within creative art industry have  suggested that there is still potential for musicians to make ends meet by effectively utilising the some online platforms to organise live concerts that can still fetch them money.

It is expected that impact of the crisis on creative industry will continue to linger on for some time , hence there is the need for the industry players to create or accelerate some trends in the sector that will have lasting positive impact. 

Shift to online and digital or electronic events . 

Now globally, the number of internet users have increased astronomically with majority of ghanaians, particularly  entertainment lovers every now and then are surfing through the internet to watch music videos and other related stuffs . This new normal of Ghanaians claving for recorded entertainment shows give credence for demand of  proliferate and potentially live concerts and events by musicians and artist in the country. 

The longer the crisis lasts, the greater the likelihood that online and electronic patronage for entertainment will become the next normal.

In addition to that I still believe that these artists can examines some possibilities to create partnership opportunities with some mainstream media in the country to organise live shows that may enable some interested companies and investors to sponsor for Ghanaians to watch on their televisions. 

The COVID-19 crisis underscores the need for more flexible resource collaboration among artists themselves to plan for a more broader range of activities to keep them in business . This could accelerate the move toward supporting one another in this trying times whiles exhibit dynamic economic and social intervention for one another . 

This trend could drive new models of collaboration between the musicians and their stakeholders to address future scarce resource with a financial pool or insurance to move more fluidly in order to safeguard their priority activities in the industry .

This may further open door for strategic collaboration of established and popular musicians with some promising Artists in the country .

Moreover , musicians that have biggest brands and have the digitally focused operations will be able to have greater and effective collaboration with some acclaimed international artists to boost their social and economic standing . This would also create avenue for international Brands and multibrand players to identify some musicians in the country to be their brand ambassadors to enhance their branding and gain digital capability.

It is my expectation that the COVID-19 crisis would lead to further consolidation of larger platforms for Ghana's musicians and artists .

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