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My Opera News Hub Story

"I began to make a lot of money after publishing some articles".The Opera News Hub Story by Kobina Ofori.

It all began when my family was going through some huge financial problems.I had to seat down and find a way to do something to help everyone.I thought of many ideas to earn some income wisely.l dragged myself in picking and selling of pure water sachet but unfortunately I didn't work for me.l then turned to sell metal scraps,I gained a little but as time goes on the scraps my area started to face extinction.There was nothing to think of .I was out of thoughts,l tried and tried and tried but not nothing worked.

“It was a dark, cold night in August, and the clocks were striking thirteen.On my bed I had one of the coolest ideas.With my midnight bundle I went on YouTube to search "how to make legit money online in Ghana through Momo".As l glanced through the various videos,l came across one passionate man and guess what his video was about,"how to create original articles and earn some income".That day I knew I had found my solution.

Opera News Hub was my key.I had followed all the necessary demands and finally I was accepted, without money for data l had to make some schedules.I had find some money in the afternoon to buy some data to find what was trending in Ghana,and later with the midnight bundle I would do the typing.

It was a little stressful but still pulled through. I got mocked by my friends that l tired to introduce the app to.But l still didn't give up,I battled by publishing my articles,some got rejected but It was all part of life.I began to gain a number of followers who help consume my work.I kept doing what I do best until one day had a notification on my phone. And to my amazement I had been payed through my Momo.

I was so happy I went to the momo vendor and withdrawaled all the money.Fews days later,for the first time l had an idea of creating multiple accounts but was caught at the end.l learnt my lessons not to be greedy and always stay focus on only one subject.l began to make a lot of money after publishing some articles.

Opera News Hub has helped me a lot.Thank you very very much for your support.

Content created and supplied by: Kobinablogs (via Opera News )

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