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Popular Ghanaian musicians who are no more germane like they used to be some years ago

Music is not as easy as it seems. In one moment, you blow with a hit song and in the next, moment you can't even add up lyrics to make a complete song. Indeed, music requires putting much time and effort into your career so as to always stay relevant in the game.

In this article, I am going to talk about some Ghanaian musicians who went worldwide but are nowhere to be found at this exact moment. Of them came out with a hit song which shook the country to its core but sadly, they couldn't maintain that same energy throughout their career. Should I say that they have returned to their underground where it all started? Well, I am choosing the option of staying mute. Below are the list of some Ghanaian male musicians who are no where to be found as well as the songs which made them popular

1. Patapaa

This musician was known for making gibberish music but somehow his songs made it to the limelight. Some people call it luck, perhaps they were right. After releasing the "one corner" song which made waves not only in Ghana but in many countries around the world, he managed to go viral again with the "Daavi ne ba" song.

He coined a certain time in the song which goes viral once again. "Sco pa tu mana" was heard everywhere such that many people even started its challenge on the internet. Sadly, we don't hear from him like we used to do.

2. Bosom P Yung

Bosom gained popularity in the country after he made a song about his girlfriend who broke his heart. Like a joke, his song became a massive hit song. You would hear everybody talking about "Ataa Adwoa" wherever you went. Ataa Adwoa really did him dirty yet made him blow. Sadly, we don't hear from him again. We hope he bounces back on his feet because looking at his talent, he will go very far if it gets some clean touches.

3. Atom

The "Yewo krom" hitmaker shook the country with his music after its release and slowly moved back to being an underground musician. We hope we got to see him do many songs but unfortunately, we aren't going to see that happen.

4. Nana Boroo

This musician got his name on the lips of many Ghanaians after releasing a song titled "aha ye de". That song was a massive hit and reigned throughout a period of about 6 months. Right after that, he released another hit song and that was the end of him. We hardly hear from him like we used to do.

5. Ay Poyoo

He got the attention of the Ghanaians after bringing out song which talked about him being the greatest of all-time (GOAT) in the Ghanaian music industry. He added a hilarious touch to his song and the video was funny such that it broke out from Ghana to even other African countries and the world in general. Sadly, he is not that relevant like he used to be sometime ago. You hardly hear his name on the streets.

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