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Tempted To Fall (Episode 2)

Tempted To Fall (episode 2)

There's a popular saying that when temptation comes knocking on your door, the best thing to do is 'Flee!'. When it comes to temptation, there shouldn't be any room for negotiation because any minute you waste trying to overcome or manage the situation is highly risky; as you can lose the battle and yield to the temptation. The most deceptive thing about temptation is that it most often looks harmless till you are overpowered and the deeds gets done. This simple reason is why you should flee at the slightest detect of a negative temptation. 

For all we know, Dora hasn't done anything yet that was cable of raising eye brows and suspicion yet but clearly, she was up to something evil and her actions said it loudly. Why on earth would a lady whisper such seductive and manipulative words to her best friend husband's ears? What did she truly mean by telling Vincent that she was going to be there whenever he needed her? Why stir up smoke if you have no intention of starting a fire? It was clear that Dora wasn't a good friend after all, as she was using the weakness of her dear friend 'Natasha' against her. 

I believe if Natasha hadn't confided in Dora about the ups and downs in her marriage due to the birth of her child, she wouldn't have put up such nasty attitude towards Vincent. It's apparent that Dora figured that their marriage was going through a rough path and that Vincent wasn't finding his wife as attractive as she used to be, so Dora figured it was the best time to strike. Too bad we can't trust a lot of people these days; as there are so many wolves in sheep clothing. 

After that awkward incident in the car, Vincent was lost in thoughts for a while before putting himself together and driving off to his initial destination. That incident was a little secret he hide from his wife for reasons known to him. It could be that his reasons for keeping mute was because he didn't want to jeopardise a long time relationship between Natasha and Dora, or it could also be that he had started developing some feelings for the desperate home breaker. Well, we will definitely find out as we read on. 

The next day at work, Dora was a bit nervous, as she felt Vincent might have told Natasha about what transpired between them the night before. Her conscience kept pricking her and her plams were sweaty all morning as she waited for her friend to report to work so she could confirm her fears. 

"See our yummy mummy, how are you dear?" Dora asked immediately her friend walked into the office that day. Natasha smiled and extended her greetings too and they both exchanged nice compliments towards each other. As they conversed, Martha indirectly observed her friend's actions to see if there would be anything fishy but there wasn't. Her heart automatically calmed down when there wasn't any sign or suspicious reaction from Natasha to prove that Vincent spilled their little secret. 

What a relief Dora felt knowing that what happened the previous day in Vincent's car was between both of them. Matter of fact, she began to conclude that he actually wanted her the same way she wanted him. The fact that Vincent concealed their little secret, went a long extent to prove to her that he wanted more. 

Now to be fair, it was kind of too quick for Dora to conclude yet that her best friend's husband wanted an affair too and was in the same page with her. For all we knew at this point, he probably kept quiet because he was trying to save his wife's relationship with her best friend and not necessarily for any ulterior motive. Until proven otherwise, Vincent was still a faithful husband to Natasha. 

After a hectic day at work that fateful day, Dora got into a friendly conversation with Natasha but had ulterior motives for every question she asked. "About what you told me yesterday, has there been any improvement between you and hubby?" Dora asked and Natasha sighed in disappointment; "My dear, I wish I had good news but sadly, things are still the same. At this point I feel like I have lost him completely" she sadly said. 

Deep down in Dora's heart, she was a bit happy because the more Vincent drifted apart from Natasha, the higher her chances to have a large piece of him. In order to still play the role of a supportive best friend, she gave her shoulders for Natasha to lie on and also used sweet words to calm her down. "Don't worry, everything is going to be alright. You know men and how they behave. He would surely come back to his senses sooner or later, just give me some time and everything will come back as normal" Dora said. 

When Natasha hinted that she was going on a diet to see if she could shade off some weight, Dora quickly kicked against the idea and advised her friend to live freely by eating whatever she wanted. What a friend! 

You see, a friend close by can hurt you faster than an enemy far away. The fact that Dora was hiding under the shadow of friendship to carry out her evil scheme was beyond heartbreaking. What sort of a person would kick against a weight loss dieting that is intended to benefit her best friend and maybe bring back the lost spark in her marriage? It's sad that Natasha couldn't see through Dora to tell that she actually didn't have her best interest at heart. 

Days passed by and so did weeks and everyday, Dora planned of a way to get one step closer to having a bite of Vincent. She loved him to a fault and couldn't help but admire the man that clearly belonged to someone else. Whenever she suggested on coming over to Natasha's house to visit her God Son, something unexpected would happen and the plans will eventually get cancelled. It seemed as though God wanted to protect Natasha's home but you know what they say about the devil working extremely harder to bring down God's children, but one reassuring thing is that the will of God always prevails in all circumstances. 

After several failed attempts to visit Natasha's house, luck finally came knocking for the desperate home wrecker. Turns out that Natasha had an important meeting to attend to outside town one fateful day. Prior to that day, she called her supposed best friend and pleaded with her to help pick her son from day-care and take him home. Vincent would have done that but was also tied down with work meetings and wouldn't be able to make it to the daycare on time. On seeing that it was the perfect opportunity to see and be alone in the same space with Vincent again, Dora gladly accepted the task. 

By sharp 1pm that day, Dora hurried down to Natasha son's day care to pick him up. The little boy was just 17 months old and needed to be taken home as soon as possible so he could eat and rest. Before then, Dora had already taken permission from her boss and told him that she might not be returning back to work later that day. With the little boy out of day care, they headed home straight. 

Dora already had a spare key to Natasha's house; the key was given to her earlier that day. She opened the door and quickly fixed lunch for the little boy to eat. After eating, he fell asleep and Dora took him to his room to lay down properly. With the toddler asleep, she retired to the parlour to rest and see a movie. 

About an hour into the movie, the door bell rang and Dora went to open up the door. She knew deep down that it was Vincent but pretended otherwise so she could act surprised when she sees him.

On the other hand, Vincent knew that Dora was going to be around because Natasha informed him earlier that she would be picking their son from school. Immediately the door opened, he smiled faintly towards her. "Hey, how are you?" he managed to ask, "I'm fine, how was work today? You look tired and stressed, now let me help you with that bag" she said and collected the briefcase he was holding. 

When they entered inside the house, Vincent asked of his son and Martha told him the little boy was fast asleep. He went to check and was relieved when he saw his son sleeping. 

With Vincent back home, it was expected for Martha to leave but she wasn't showing any sign of leaving just yet. She even went as far as fixing something for him to eat. "Come and sit dear, I prepared something for you" she said with a smile on her face, "Oh thanks, don't worry I'll eat later" he replied as he walked to the dining table where the food was set. He indirectly gave her signals that it was time to leave but she ignored them. 

As the atmosphere gradually became awkward, Dora figured it was time to act fast for what she wanted. She was putting on a T-shirt and plain trouser, so she unbuttoned few of her buttons and exposed her cleavage. Vincent was quietly sitting in the living room when she walked in and sat very close to him on the same couch. He took a deep breath because the temptation right in front of him was enough to make him fall. 

On seeing that Vincent was tensed and uncomfortable, Dora threw her legs across him and sat in a triangular way; facing her breasts directly to his face. 

Before Vincent could say anything, Dora moved her chest and brushed her breasts on his face. "Ssshuu, just relax" she seductively said.

End of episode 2 😉

Stay tuned 

Written by Omar saint Blogger

Content created and supplied by: Omarsaintblogger (via Opera News )

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