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I went to my boyfriend's house without his notice and this is what I saw.

My name is Isabella, I've been dating for about two years with my boyfriend. He lives in Kumasi and I live in Accra. My boyfriend has also been bothering me to visit him but due to the nature of of my work, I don't normally have time.

One day I decided to visit him without his notice, in order to surprise for him. So one Saturday afternoon, I went to his house in Kumasi. I knocked the door several times but no one was inside, fortunately for me his door was not locked so I went inside to wait for him. As I was sitting on his bed waiting for him, something told me to look under the bed.

When I looked under the bed, I found a pot on which my name was written. And immediately I touched it, I passed out and I nearly died that day. When I passed out, I dreamt lying down and someone pouring blood on me. So when wake up I run and took car back to Accra.

Till now he has no idea that I came to his house and he has calling me but I don't to pick his calls so he has been sending me messages to come and visit him and I don't know what do do. My friend is saying I should go and visit him and listen to what he has to say to. So now what should do? Please help me cause I don't want to die.

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