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Common but lovely Valentine's Day gift.

Valentine Day is an annual celebration which takes place on the 14th of February across the globe. On this day, many people especially couple show their love to each other by giving their partners gifts to make them feel special and loved. But Valentine's Day originated in the Western part where a feast was used to honor a Christian Martyrs named Saint Valentine. Which has now been used as a day for romance or romantic love.

On this day, there are a lot of gifts of course common gifts many people gift their partners with.

1. Cupcakes.

This is one of the common gift many people give to their loved ones on Valentine Day and it is of course a very romantic one. As you enjoy the sweetness of it, you remember your loved ones. Cakes are often used for celebrations.

2. Balloons decor.

Since Valentine is for showing love, most people tend to decorate rooms of their loved ones with balloons and bed filled with roses. This lightens us the romance of the evening where the couple get the chance to express their love for eachother by doing what couples do at night.

3. Romantic Dinner or Date.

Dinner or Dates are lone time given to couples to eat together and have fun together. Food on its own has a way of expressing love to people so as the couple eat, they fall in love more with each other.

4. Bag and shoes.

Women really love quality shoes and bags. A lady can never go out with having a bag or shoes on. These gifts are always going to remind her of you whenever she uses them.

5. Jewelry.

Jewelries are the most lovely gift you can give to your woman. The beauty of it will always remind them of how much you really admire and cherish them.

6. Breakfast.

Be it breakfast in bed or normal breakfast delivered at home is also a romantic way of expressing your love for them. This shows you think about them every morning and also care for them.

7. Lovely package (for men).

A package containing shirts, mug, Versace spray, watches etc are also gifts every man will want to have from a loved one.

8. Package for women.

A package containing a mug, panties, alcohol or wine, chocolates and roses are also the best.

9. Matching watches.

Matching watches are very romantic. This also shows how time conscious you are.

10. Couple T-shirt.

Most couples love to wear matching t-shirts with words such as he's mine she's mine, my king my queen and so on written on it and this shows how much they are proud to have each other and adore eachother.

11. Couple Jerseys.

12. Teddy bears.

This is the most common gift every man buys for his woman on Valentine day.

13. A lovely card.

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By Quvenshanewills.

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