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Remember Ali And Shemima Of Date Rush?, See What We Heard About Them Recently (Photos)

Ali and Shemima were the recently paired persons from Date Rush, and it is certain that a lot of Ghanaians will still remember them so that is why we will be revealing what we heard about them recently. Date Rush is one of Ghana’s favorite show currently, it was organized and aired by TV3 Ghana. This particular show has undoubtably captivate the attention of most Ghanaians.

In less than a fortnight ago, Shemima chooses Ali as her match and her decision really came as a big shock to a lot viewers because it was really an unexpected and unpredictable decision. According to the way the show works, after she had chosen Ali as her perfect match. They will be allowed to go home together, and both of them will be monitored so as to see how far things is going with them in their new relationship.

However, what we heard about them is not a good sign for them in this their new relationship. According to the latest discovery about Ali and Shemima, it was revealed that they are facing tough time in their relationship and this is because of their previous lifestyle. Both of them have been complaining about lack of transparency in their relationship, it is like Ali has not fully open up about his past lifestyle and so also Shemima has not open up about her past lifestyle.

Meanwhile, there has been several opinions that they won’t be able to cope with each and other due to their differences. But we hope they get things back to normalcy and work things out.

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