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New Truth Uncovered: She Was Not Even Pregnant

It is a rather curious affair whose skein has however just been unraveled. In South Africa, the woman who claimed urbi et orbi to have given birth to 10 babies, thus breaking the record for the Malian woman with 9 babies, was admitted to a hospital. Her mental faculties are being scrutinized, because the doctors have come to realize that she made it all up. Incredible but true.

South African Giosame Sithole who said she gave birth to ten babies is a pathological liar whose case is currently causing a stir in South Africa and around the world. After being searched for and then interned in a hospital, doctors made an incredible discovery about her story. Giosame Sithole is a compulsive mythomaniac who has led everyone by the nose. In fact, she fabricated the pregnancy, we learned yesterday.

After pretending that she had become a mother of 10 children including seven boys and three girls, Sithole has drawn the sympathy of many people around the world. A quest that approached $70,000 was even cashed in by his family. However, the first doubts about Sithole's incredible story arose from her husband's questioning.

The father of the alleged babies, Teboho Tsotetsi, began to worry that he had yet to see his children in question. As nothing was on the horizon despite his calls, he shouted a scam, organized according to him by his in-laws, to earn money. At her instigation, Giosame Sithole was found and taken to a mental hospital.

Doctors at Tembisa hospital, near the South African capital, are therefore starting an investigation to have their religion on this extraordinary birth. Their finding is clear. They discovered that Miss Sithole "hadn't given birth to any babies lately". It has also been established that she has not been pregnant lately. The journalists who launched the news in South Africa apologized, admitting to having been deceived by the woman.

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