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The Wedding Is Rated One Of The Best Ever Because Of HowThe Groom Dressed To Church

Generally, wedding is the legal joining of two different persons in holy matrimony. What this actually means is that, the husband and wife are now bound in Marriage, not to be separated no matter what may arise in their marital Union. But the ideology that some people have concerning the wedding attire of both Groom and his bride, is totally outdated. Let me use this opportunity to advise my fellow young Ghanaians that, the colourfulnes and the beautifulness of a wedding service and reception, will not determine how perfect and genuine the marriage will be.

An unidentified African man has wowed the internet over the attire he wore to his own wedding. As it can be seen through the pictures shared in this article, where the unidentified man was spotted wearing a Fulani Danshiki Shirt, over a shirt of Jeans inside the Church.

According to the information gathered, the man was said to have tied the knot with his wife, on Saturday March 6th 2021, at "NKST" church. His bride was fully dressed in full-length white wedding gown, while she walked down the aisle.

Just as was expected from many eyewitness, people felt that it wasn't right for him to chose that type of outfit on his wedding day. But in reacting to this, he said that his attire doesn't determine how perfect their marriage will be.

Meanwhile, what this man actually said that is very true is that, "his wedding has come and gone, so whatever people out there are saying concerning my wedding doesn't matter to me again"

"No one will ever say that there is a perfect wedding. What matters is what the both of us share for each other. We have learnt to accommodate one another. We all knows our flaws and weakness. So there is very little wedding suits or gowns can do to change what we share for each other"

"We love you all for sharing in our joy. And we pray that GOD Almighty will bless you all. I and my wife are forever grateful", He Said.

What is your take on this. Do you agree with what he said. Please kindly share this article across all social media platforms in Ghana.

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