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3 Celebrities Who Had Unusual Body Enhancement Surgeries And Also Acquired Fame

Many years back, even a whisper of plastic surgery or Botox was considered taboo, It’s often thought that celebrities who have had plastic surgery hide that fact at all costs.

 Nevertheless today's celebrities are all out for fame and ready to have multiple surgeries to achieve the perfect body shape they at all cost. 

1) Anastasia Pokreschuk

This woman, a Ukrainian, was once known as world's biggest chick woman in the world after her chick surgery. In order to look the way she does now, she reportedly spent over £1500 on cosmetic surgery.

2) Allagre Cole

This woman was formerly a pianist before making the switch to modeling. She had boobs enlargement surgery, which helped her gain popularity and put her in the spot of other "busty" celebs. 

3) Pixee Fox

After several surgeries, this woman was able to get rid of her sixth rib successfully. In order to earn the title of "Lady with the smallest waist in the world," her waist still needs to shrink by at least two more inches to 16 inches.

The extraordinary body improvements of these individuals have mesmerized their looks, people are perplexed by the lengths they went to in order to achieve their body shapes.

Content created and supplied by: Mainooco (via Opera News )

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