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Why Ghana Is Called Ama Ghana

The name "Ama Ghana" is a popular one that most Ghanaians use it when talking about things relating to Ghana especially those related to negative issues. Why not Abena Ghana or maybe Efia Ghana or any of the days.

Yes, even though 6th March 1957 fell on a Wednesday, "Ama Ghana" became more popular than "Akua Ghana".

The term "Ama Ghana" was popularised by Legendary Ghanaian Highlife Musician Agyemang Opambour after he made a sad narrative of how Ghanaians were SACKED from Nigeria during the turbulent days of Alhaji Shegu Shagari of Nigeria who expelled all foreigners because of an untold increase in Crime in Nigeria where foreigners were blamed for that.

Ama Ghana has been used several times in songs and in movie as well but many don't how it came into existence.

So the popular reference to Ghana as Ama was created by Opambour, who also referred to Nigeria as "Akua Agege". Ghana and Nigeria has that brotherly link and I feel that link was created by music. Both of the two countries are carrying Africa on their shoulders in terms of music.

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