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Remember 'Carmen Carrera' Who Did Surgery To Transform Into A Woman? See His Current Situation Now

This life is full of big surprises, the rate at which people do crazy things nowadays is getting out of hand. People are hiding under the human rights laws to do whatever they want without looking at the future consequences.

When you talk of immoral behaviours, the white race are the ones influencing other races, especially the black race who are now imitating the actions of the white race without looking at the moral aspect of it.

Carmen Carrera was a handsome young man who was born in Puerto Rican Peruvian. He's a model and a reality TV personality. He was born on April 13, 1985. He was previously gay when he started his acting career before he finally decided to transform himself into a female.

What he looked like before the surgery:

After his shocking transformation, he shared pictures of himself online looking completely different from what we used to know. Although, the surgery was successful, and he now has everything a lady possesses, but the doctor had warned him of a future deformity that he should be wary of.

What's happening to him after the surgery:

God created everybody the way it pleases him. I don't think there should be any reason for anyone to change to something else because this will show lack of believing in God, and this could eventually lead to hell fire in the hereafter.

Is it good to transform from one gender to another? Your opinion is important to us

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