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Do You Remember Karishika? See How She Has Transformed

One of the movies that gave us nightmares during our childhood was undoubtedly the movie "Karishika". This movie among other movies such as Billionaires club, Last Burial among others always made our childhood days memorable.

Karishika, the queen of darkness was sent by Lucifer to the world to come and kill, destroy, and tempt people in order to increase the population in hell. She seduces men and tempts people to sin so they can lose their connection with God and become candidates of hell.

The movie indeed opened the eyes of many and lot of men especially were careful of their dealings in the night. But where is the main character in the movie, Karishika now?

Her real name is Ngozi Okorie. She disappeared from the movie industry to enjoy he personal life and is currently leaving abroad with her husband and child. See how she has transformed over the years.

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Karishika Lucifer Ngozi Okorie


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