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Why "Judgement Day" Is The Subject Matter On Twitter

Twitter is the home to trends. It's a useful social media tool that helps keep up-to-date with real-time events and news happening near you and in the country. However, today what seems to be making waves is one you will least expect. On top of the trend list is "Judgement Day". The first thought that would come to mind would be the second coming of Jesus Christ, however, you will be mistaken if that was what crossed your mind.

Finally, the wait is over and judgment has been passed. The judgment and the reactions from Ghanaians are shown below.

There is always that one person or people, who will find the lighter side of every situation. One user humorously commented that "Money Received, sleeping mode activated, Mona mobl3"

Another user made the collage and commented that "it will make sense soon"

Another user hilariously commented that Asamoah Gyan will be blamed again.

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Ghanaians Judgement Day


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