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I will remove my male organ if my future husband is not cool with it - Female singer reveals.

There's this singer with a stage name Labena. Her real name is Lawrence Lamptey. Anytime this singer appears on an interview, people would be saying many things about her because she's is totally different. What makes her different is the numerous tattoos and piercings she is having on her body. The last thing is that, she is hermaphrodite.

Just recently, she has been interviewed again by Zion Felix. On this interview, Labena talked about many things about her. According to her, she sees herself to be very pretty whenever she stands in front of a mirror. She is having a certain writing on her body which says, “ They will listen but they have no choice”.

According to her, she's having 77 tattoos and 30 piercings and she really love them. She continued that they make her beautiful and that, what people say can never change her. That is, her tattoos and piercings will forever remain on her body. 

She continued and talked about her being a hermaphrodite. According to her, she's not going to do anything about that because she's okay with. She can live with it her whole life though people have been telling her to see the doctor and do something about it. For her, she will only choose to remove the male organ when the man that marries her is not cool with it. Apart from that, she's okay for now.


“ I'll only remove the male organ when my future husband is not cool with it but for the tattoos, they are going to be on me forever ” - She said.

In conclusion, she admonished the young ones who are chasing their goals to accept who they are and give deaf ears to what people will say to discourage them and for her, those that love you will still love you. This is what was declared by this singer.

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