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Michael Jackson foresaw the coronavirus pandemic.

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The coronavirus pandemic has taken a toll on people's lives. It's been argued for years now that the virus was deliberately created by the Chinese with the prospect of reducing the human population. Even though, these assertions have not been officially confirmed.

Keep in mind that the world has suffered from similar viruses such as Mars and Sars. Historically, these viruses claimed the lives of millions lasting for 2 years or even more.

So if someone had predicted coronavirus, it wouldn't be that surprising.

Michael Jackson, in a song entitled "Billie Jean", Michael could be heard referring to a deadly virus that was to overtake the world. Though, some people continue to dispute that saying the song had been edited, but Michael's whole life was centered on wearing gloves and a face mask. You may be wondering: Maybe he foresaw the oncoming pandemic, even if the song is not taken into consideration.

After years of Michael's passing, Matt Fiddes, his bodyguard embraced the idea that it was as if Michael knew about this virus. "He will always wear gloves and a face mask. When confronted, he would say, Matt, you know there's a concert coming up and I don't want to get ill", Matt said.

Well, it could be that Michael knew about the virus. As a result, he tried all he could to get his message across in a subtle way, because no one would have believed him.

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