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Dat's Rush: Bella and Kodak Finally Part Ways

It's always an exciting expedition when couples meet at the end of every date rush season to talk about their relationship flaws and successes. 

The truth of the matter is no relationship is perfect. For a couple to have a wonderful time, they need to go through a lot of trying times. It's not different when it comes to couples selected on date rush. 

For some date rush couples, the situation gets very bad to the extent that third parties have to join the program to serve as evidence to some narrations made on the show. 

After waiting patiently to see how Bella's relationship with Kodak is going, fans were given lots of information to satisfy their curiosity. 

During Bella's narration, he made it clear that he can no longer date Kodak because she has realized the guy is now in a relationship with the celebrity, Abena Kokor. 

She indicated that, the sudden connection between Kodak and Abena Korkor came up after the date rush celebrity show. 

Kodak also got the chance to tell his own side of the story and after a series of discussion, he said he has seen some pictures of his date(Bella) and one uprising musician, hence he believes she is also in a new relationship. 

After providing this info, Bella gave a clear confirmation she is actually going out with the said musician. (fast-forward 12:00-13:00).

They both made it clear they are no longer dating, which implies their relationship did not work. 

These two happen to be one of the few couples who have officially confirmed their break-up. It's so sad these two wonderful personalities had to call it quit at a time like this. 

Irrespective of their current situation, I still think we need to wish them luck in their new relationships. 

Content created and supplied by: AramKay (via Opera News )

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