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Love relationship


Dating Romantic

Laughter is like a magnet it attracts even presidents

That moment Mom say Return it to the person that sold it to u and collect my money but you have Used the change.

2: Most people these days will be single but don't care because they have Memes for fun. You are one of them.

3: I just want to try something new, like taking a bath in a Washing machine wish me luck 

4: Ladies, come and name 5 top footballers;

Guys, u too name 5 ladies' hairstyles.

Both genders, come and have a laugh

5: I hate it when I offer someone food and they accept.

6: Please, Be careful of whom you are helping. This morning because of Harmattan, I decided to Bath my Neighbor's Fowl with hot water and guess what. They called me a thief.

7: Some are having a romantic chat now. Others are just scrolling through my jokes reading and laughing. We singles are suffering.

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