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What is wrong with Bhallaldev? See his recent look

Bhallaladeva shortened by his popular name Bhallaldev bears the name Ramanaidu "Rana" Daggubati. He was born on the 14th of December 1984. He is an Indian actor, producer, television personality, visual effects co-ordinator and an entrepreneur known primarily for his work in Telugu language films in addition to Hindi and Tamil languages.

In the movie, Bhallaldev happened to be the spoiler with the support of his father. It all happened after the Kalakeya's suddenly attacked the Mahismati Kingdom with the help of a traitor in Mahismati who helped them.

Before the war, Bhallaldev's father announced that the person to kill the Kalakeya's army king will become the King of Mahismati. The Queen mother agreed unwillingly, after the war.

Bhallaldev succeeded in killing the king but instead of the Queen Mother to make him the King, she made Baahubali the King and this brought about enmity.

Bhallaldev and his father conspired against Baahubali to get him out of their way so that he can become King. After deceiving the Queen mother Shivagami to pass on the verdict they succeeded in killing Baahubali.

Queen Devsena who was Baahubali's wife had a baby in which she waited for 25 years to come to her rescue after being captured and made a prisoner by Bhallaldev.

Baahubali came to her rescue and succeeded in defeating Bhallaldev with the help of Katappa accomplishing his mother's wish and taking his throne back.

However, the spoiler Bhallaldev who looked all strong and fit has undergone a tremendous transformation which is just awful. See his recent look:

He posted this photo on his Facebook page and his fans were not okay with it. A fan commented that he one day said on interview that he is suffering from a critical health condition.

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