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"Soon I shall become a memory. Waiting To Be Erased - Moesha Buduong

Moesha Buduong, a celebrity and a social media influencer has posted an encrypted but self explanatory message that suggests suicidal thoughts.

On her Instagram page, she wrote,

"Soon I shall become a memory... Waiting to be erased.

What does she mean that "soon she shall become a memory waiting to be erased.

This is simply a sign of depression and a depressed mind can do anything drastic and dangerous.

But thank God some of her celebrity friends were at hand to discourage that post.

Princess Shingles and Benedicta Gaffah all came in quickly to react to her post.

Princess Shingle wrote "Moe, delete this Booo, I am begging you"

Benedicta Gaffah followed quickly "Awwwwww Moe, come on".

Thank God because, that post is no longer on her Instagram page because she has deleted it.

But I think this is not enough, the friends who encouraged her to delete the post should also get close to her and find out what is going on.

I am saying this because, it was after Pastor Sylvester Ofori has shot his wife we all realized that it all started on Facebook but nobody took notice of it.

So we shouldn't wait till Moesha does something bad to herself before we start talking but we should start talking and getting close to her now before something bad happens.

We learnt pastor Sylvester Ofori had no friend but we thank God Moesha Buduong has plenty of friends.

So, her. friends should get close to her now and encourage her.



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