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Husband and wife relationship

The lady my husband introduced to me as his cousin returned from abroad and this happened

This world is full of mysteries that are very difficult to unfold. A Ghanaian lady who tried to go unanimous has made some revelations to Tina and really devastating. The world is turning into something else with a lot of wickedness all over. The story was made known by Tima on hitz Fm.

According to the woman, she is married with her husband and they have 2 kids. Since they married, he has been talking with a woman overseas and has introduced the woman to her as his cousin. Because her husband said she is her cousin, she developed some kind of love for her and both used to chat on social media as well.

The woman has to arrive in Ghana and they went to meet her at the airport. She and the husband has two apartments so they gave her the other apartment to live in. The love grew bigger and better as she used to pick their children from school everyday. 'Her stay with us made me feel good and happy since she was always at home and works online as she claims. My husband's acclaimed cousin told me she will keep long in Ghana. She also has a child she returned with from abroad and my children and her go to the same school because she said she is keeping long in Ghana'.

'Few weeks later, she became pregnant and told me her boyfriend is very busy so she will introduce him to me soon. I waited for her to delver and it was getting to a year without any boyfriend or the man who was responsible for the pregnancy. My husband's best friend called to disclose a very big secret to me which he doesn't care if that will cost their friendship. He told me the woman my husband claims she is his cousin has something to do with my husband'.

'He said my husband was living with her and impregnated her so he sent her abroad to deliver. The child she brought from abroad is my husband's and he is also responsible for the second one. I thanked the man and told him I will personally address the issue. I went home and waited for my husband to sleep, picked his phone and went through their chats because we both know our passwords. Their conversation showed they have something doing all these years'. This has really sent shivers in my spine and I don't know what to do so please help me out says the aggrieved woman.

What is your take concerning this issue?

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