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Logik 'lectures' popular female musician : I have money to sponsor your 'body' but not your talent

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Logik is one of the best artiste managers in the country . His analysis on entertainment issues seem to always trend due to how he takes his time to scrutinize the issues before addressing them.

On the show , Logik said he did not see the reason why Feli Nuna is fond of complaining about male artiste managers. He explained that if he has 4 million United States Dollars to invest in a female musician, he does not see why he can not date the female artiste if she is not married . He explained that there are many factors that are considered before managing female musicians and wealthy unmarried men who make advances towards female musicians might have fallen in love with these ladies and can date these unmarried ladies .

Logik explained that , he may be ready to sponsor Feli Nuna's body but not her talent . This did not go well with Feli Nuna despite the tactics Logik used in unravelling his points . She mentioned that her rich boyfriend was not into music and that is the reason why she looks for other sponsors.

Logik lectured Feli Nuna not to allow her boyfriend to follow her to shows or when she is going to seek sponsorships . He also said that he always called the boy friends of female musicians for various discussions before proceeding to sign deals . He revealed that he does this to prevent his musicians from getting pregnant before the first three years of the contract .

From the discussions, many viewers would assume that Logik took advantage of his female artistes before signing them but Logik has explained severally that he does not see any thing wrong with two adults enjoying a healthy relationship once there was no 'rape case '.

Do you think Logik was right in his submissions ?

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