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We have not had any meetings with anyone to reach any consensus with the IGP - Kwaku Annan clears

Kwaku Annan has sent a strong word to the general public about some questions that are going around the media and social media platforms on the issue that involves the IGP. According to the host of The Seat show on net 2 TV in the evening of Wednesday 14th July, there are some questions that people are asking him about whether or not they have called on some people to beseech the IGP in order to sit down and talk about the issues surrounding the law suit against the show.

Kwaku Annan has pointed out clear that the seat show, Kwaku Annan himself, or any other person affiliated to the show has not made any step in begging any body whose case has been discussed on the show, or no false statement has been made about any top official in Ghana, and that everything they have said on the show are confidently backed by evidence, and if anyone feels otherwise, the person is permitted to come and prove him or herself right on the show. Other than that, they are in no way apologizing for anything said on the show. Therefore, no one should pay any heed to rumours about the show.

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