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Nine years later, Richie Demorest's transformation gets the world believing in grace

This current generation has produced many different kinds of ladies but there are two most prominent types. In this article I'm going to talk about one out of the two most prominent types of ladies the world is currently witnessing. I am perfectly sure that most of you are asking yourselves that what goes into these two most prominent ladies? What makes them distinct from all other people in the world?

Care to know? Here lies the answer. The first set of ladies out of the two most prominent people this generation is witnessing are those who have made up their minds you not to add up one or two things to see a perfect future. They just don't want to put a little effort in their lives and hence, they tend to rely on other people for money and other material benefits. These are the ladies who are known to use this popular statement, "we will use what we have to get what we want". For this reason many people, have taken advantage of them and are taking them to bed with the slightest chance they get.

The second set of ladies this generation has witnessed are those who believe that in spite of the ache and the stress they are passing through, they are always going to work things out. They believe that they can do it and therefore relying on people so as to make it in life isn't the way forward. Richie Demorest is one of those ladies. No matter what happens, she is always prepared to step up and do things for herself and her future. Talk about relying on people, what if the people she is relying on is no more one day? For this reason, she has made her principle known to the world. She's a fighter and will fight for her future.

Richard Demorest is an entrepreneur and an influencer hailing from Nigeria specifically, Akwa Ibom state. She believes that life is not always about going to people and using what you have to get what you want. Talking about what she has, trust me she has really got it all but that is never going to place her in the first category I talked about. She is into trading and luckily for her, business has been booming.

Quite recently, Richie Demorest came out to post a few pictures depicting how she was in the year 2012 as well as 2021. Looking at the time frame, you could see that it was not that much. She had this amazing and unbelievable transformation in just a period of nine years. I have three pictures of her in those two time frames. Below are the pictures

Looking at the pictures above, you could see that Richie Demorest has come from far. Her journey hasn't been the easy type but little by little, she has gotten to a destination that most people will love to get. She believed in herself and now, here she is. Maybe, it is up to us to also believe in ourselves and see where the future will take us. Have a lovely morning.

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