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Ghanaians are Hypocrites: Yaw Tog Indeed Projected Stormzy in Ghana

The new conversation on the block has it that, Yaw Tog is ungrateful and sadly arrogant. Well, top industry players have also inputted their opinions on the matter and none of them really support the young “Sore” lad.

All Yaw Tog said in an interview with MzGee was that: inasmuch as he recognizes the fact that Stormzy projected him, there is also a role he played in projecting Stormzy in Ghana too. This information was met by scourge replies by some Ghanaians.

But the truth of the matter is, Yaw Tog indeed, projected Stormzy in Ghana. Look, prior to their collaboration, many Ghanaians didn’t know Stormzy at all. Even if they did, some didn’t know he was a Ghanaian. His trip to Ghana and subsequent collaboration made bloggers and content creators drive attention to his side and made many Ghanaians recognize his presence.

Had it not being that, how many Ghanaians would have known him? Even now, let’s run a poll and figure out who Stormzy is and it will amaze Ghanaians at what they will discover.

So please, before we pick our judging rods and strike, we have to make a circumspect analysis of the matter before we take an action.

Yaw Tog is brilliant and that has been manifested in all his interviews and public appearances. He is not someone one can tag as arrogant and stupid. He cannot go this reckless against his senior fellow in music, however, sometimes we have to call a spade, a spade.

I think sometimes we get too hypocritical when there are foreign-based subjects involved in the conversation. We exalt them and prioritize them above our local people.

Besides, Stormzy reached out to Yaw Tog for the collaboration. Not the other way round. So do the math, who really benefited?


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