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Meet Hasnaa, The Lebanon Girl That Sheds Crystals Whenever She Cries

If you've watched the live-action television fantasy series, 'The Legend of the Seeker, you would have seen the character of the Mother Confessor who shed the legendary stone of tears used by the Seeker to repair the veil of the underworld, thus trapping the wicked Keeper and his minions from accessing the world of the living and conquering them. The Legend of Seeker was a hit which raked in fans all over the world.

Unlike the fictive Mother Confessor, there are a handful of people in our world today that are endowed with rare, paranormal and extraordinary abilities. One of them was Hasnaa Muslumani, a Muslim Shiite girl from Lebanon renowned for shedding crystal tears decades ago. 

Hasnaa was only 12 years old when she started crying crystals. According to reports, she was allegedly in the school when a foreign object fell from her eye. She developed some pains and was rushed to hospital where one Doctor Ahmed Araji allegedly brought out more glass-like transparent crystals from her eyes. 

Hasnaa began shedding crystals from then. She cried between 7 to 8 crystal fragments every day. Doctor Araji was puzzled and was not able to provide an explanation as Hasnaa's condition defied medical knowledge.

Associated Press in a short video documented about Hasna. In the video, Hasna was interviewed alongside her family. In the video, she shed crystals live without getting her eyes reddened or hurt. The reporter gently opened her eyelids and after a few seconds, her tears quickly congealed into tiny crystals and fall off into the reporter's hand. The crystals were also sharp and transparent.

Hasnaa's father believed it was a miracle adding that her daughter was visited by Imam Ali, the Ist Caliph of the Shiites who instructed her to cover her head with a veil and gift the crystals to the sick. Hasnaa's tears gradually became known as the Lebanon's Miracle and many Muslim faithfuls flocked to Hasnaa's home in Bekaa Valley, Eastern Lebanon to get her tears.

Hasnaa's medical condition has been disputed in medical circles. Doctors at the American University Hospital in Beirut, Lebanon ruled out the possibility of any miracle insisting on a scientific explanation of the phenomenon. One Dr Bahaa Noureiddin of the hospital said that some people produce years which harden when they come in contact with air but Hasnaa's case was the first time he saw an eye shedding crystals. 

However, another Scientist, Wennie Sasotona validated Hasnaa's tears as being scientifically correct. Sasotona said that describes the tears as vanadium excessive catalyst behaviour reacting from sodium bicarbonate.Many other people termed the story as a hoax adding that magic could have been used to manipulate the tears into glass.

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