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He Must Be Sent To The Psychiatric Hospital, And Check If He Is Not Mad-Hoahi Takes It On Lutterodt

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Not long ago that we saw and heard our own Councilor Lutterodt squeezing and touching lady private part on live video.

 The nation is turning upside down, Why? Our own Councilor who is to advise people on how to go into marriage and advise the nation, is live on TV squeezing women. 

This touching story was discussed on Oman Channel, you will not believe what King Solomon told Ohemaa empress. 

King Solomon said this when he was given the mandate to speak.

He began by giving a saying that many are mad in Ghana as to those who aren't mad.

And he again said that many are mad but few are on the street, not all mad men dislike coats and suits, but some of them are addicted to suits. In Ghana hear, I don't hate anyone but I hates behavior and attitude. 

“He continued by saying that he has studied counselor Lutterodt for long and he can vividly say that he is mentally down. He again said that we will all be shocked that only oneday, we will sleep and wake up to see him on the street”

He said he has studied him for long, and he can conclude that most of his attitude discloses that he is mentally not ok. Again he said that most of the prominent people who have marital problem in Ghana hear, comprises of counselor Lutterodt. If he says he is a counselor, has he finished solving the problems in his family as a whole before coming to talk about others, he site an example of Nayas and Ernest Opoku's issue, after counselor Lutterodt took it upon himself to disrespect Nayas on social media.

He stated that, Counselor Lutterodt should be taken to where Funny Face was taken to, before recovering, because he doesn't see any rational brain in his head. 

He site a clear example again that, Counselor Lutterodt once said on social media that, “Sex is enjoyable when your woman is in her period."

King Solomon bounce this matter with their own Akan tradition that, it's dangerous as a man to go in bed with a woman who is in her menstrual period.

He concluded by saying that his speech and his deeds denotes his upgrading madness. So if he says he is a counselor, how can he squeez a woman on social media whiles our elders and children are all watching. He said after watching the video, he was surprised to see Ghanaian leaders sit at a halt and watch the issue trend, they should immediately send him to the Psychiatric Hospital.

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