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Bill Gates Narrates Story Of How A Graphic Vendor Gift Him A Newspaper Before Becoming A Billionaire

Today's world has produce inspiration people who have made billions of dollars and are swimming in the pool of wealth. Their advice on how to make it has been very inspiring to many people as they also wants to be like them. The likes of Mark Zuckerberg, Warren Buffet, Elon Musk and Bill Gates.

These men have been seen on many media platform and seminars trying to give advice to the younger generation and to other business mentors. Bill Gates was once asked a question that really trilled everybody but his answer was very spectacular.

When the American business tycoon was the richest man in the world, he was asked if he knew someone who is richer than him. Well, everyone knows since he has been famous and recognized by the world as the richest man in the world, there was no one who is richer than him but his answer surprised the crowd.

He answered 'Yes' and everybody was wondering how possible. He then referred to an incident which happened some years ago when he was not rich and famous. Bill reveals before been famous, he once arrived at an airport where he met a graphic vendor and decided to purchase one. 

He realized he had no change so he decided to handover the graphic to the make vendor. The man rejected saying he wouldn't run at a loose since that from his profit. Bill took the paper and left saying thank you.

After a sometime, he arrived at the airport again and needed a newspaper to read. He saw the same vendor and tried to purchase one and again he realized he wasn't having change on him. Without hesitation, the vendor gave it to him for free.

After 19 years, he became very famous and known by the world as the richest man at the moment. He then remembered the graphic vendor to offer him a help after he showed him kindness. Bill Gates went to that same airport and after 1 and half months, he was able to locate the vendor. He quickly asked 'Do you know me', the vendor replied saying 'Yes', you're Bill Gates.

He asked the graphic vendor if he remembered he gave him graphic for free some years back. He said he remembered very well. Bill Gates offered to help by letting him say anything he wants and it would be done. 

The graphic vendor said how can you help a poor man like me. I gave you the graphic for free when I was poor and you want to help me after you've become rich and famous.

Bill Gates then realized been rich and having all material success is not all but having a kind heart and be willing to help even when you have little. 

I guess you're really inspire by the story of Bill Gates, Please share your thoughts on his story and don't forget to like and share this article. 

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