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Prime Originals The Boys Season 1 Episode 1

The boys is Original Prime Which Is All About Superheroes Who's Goal Is To Prevent And Protect The City And Country As A whole From Possible Dangers.

These Superheroes are run by an agency called Vought Studios. Madelyn happens to be the brain of it she negotiate deals and handle things on behalf of the Superheroes.

One of the Superheroes A-train on his way from a mission accidentally killing a lady who was walking home with her boyfriend. This made the victim boyfriend got second thoughts on these Superheroes so he started to find answers which lead him to a stranger who conned him to be an FBI agent.

This con FBI Agent convince Hughie who happens to be the victim boyfriend to sake for revenge which led them planning to bug the Seven Tower which happens to be the Studio of the Superheroes.

After a successful bug Hughie and his friend Butcher were excited they can now listen to the conversation of the Superheroes. But unfortunately one of the Superheroes TRANSLUCENT found out about the bug and followed Hughie to his work place which lead to another thing. After a couple of minutes TRANSLUCENT couldn't find any answers so he got angry and wanted to end this once and for all but in surprise of Hughie his friend Butcher came to his rescue.

Hughie and Butcher after a long battle with TRANSLUCENT. Hughie then used a make wire to deactivate TRANSLUCENT.

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