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20+ Funny Banners that will make you laugh loud; See how Ronaldo’s Picture is used to sell Fish

Imagine the name of this church:

"Prison Break"? How can the name of a movie be used as a church's name? The names of the Ministers are even the names of characters on the film.

Is this pastor fighting demon with this cutlass?

Imagine this theme!NigNigerians are very funny and there is virtually nothing that they cannot do to make you laugh. It is not the case that we do not know the repercussion of using someone’s image to advertise our product without his consent but still, we will go ahead and use their face. There are so many celebrities, whose faces are being used on banners as if they have endorsement deals with them, using them to attract customers and sell their products. It is a crime, but we do not care and we do it since nobody arrests us for it. 

4 Bird Room Flate, indeed?

Welldone o, Mr. Repairer!

Does Kardashian's boutique look like this?

In Nigeria, there are some signposts that they do not contain the face of any celebrity but they are hilarious. Some of them contain grammatical blunders while some are even semantically incomprehensible. When you see signposts in developed countries, you will easy get the information that is being conveyed but here in Nigeria, if you are not careful, you may get misinformed with the arrangement or use of words on the signpost. 

SeeSee this one now, how can a gate that looks as strong as this be fragile and you write on the gate that visitors should knock on the floor. Who does that? How will you hear?


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