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Nafisa Fattal's offensive speech on Novella Chat

Today on Max Tv Novella Chat,Nafisa Fattal spoke heartless.

During the show: Sandra asked a question on All Of Me during the Novella Chat show and Nafisa replied quite irresponsibly.

The question was about Lena and Harry.To me Lena is going through some mental struggles although she's still married,and because if that she can't have intimacy with her husband Harry.

In most cases, a person's libido will continue to be affected by grief as long as it still strongly impacts them. It can take weeks or even months for some people to gain interest in sex once more. In some cases, it could take some professional intervention to get interest in intimacy started once more.

This case is also similar to a woman who has been raped,some take days to heal,some months,some years and unfortunately some don't heal at all but that doesn't mean it's their fault.

Nafisa Fattal should know how to talk appropriately especially when she's hosting a tv show because the way she spoke was very sad and disrespectful to victims of rape and also women who have lost their husbands or boyfriends.

Content created and supplied by: @shidareal (via Opera News )

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