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Tell That Girl To Stay Away Else I Will Sit On Her- Shemima Warns Ali

Shemima Brown is already getting jealous over Ali, as she has warned against some calls that comes through the latter's mobile phone. The couple in a live interview on Zionfelix Entertainment dared spoke about their reservations with their new relationship so it would work.

Both having broke from past relationships had hopes of making this one a success but it appears Ali has not cut lose some ties with some old fiancé. Shemima confronted Ali with the truth about she being aware one lady had been calling her recently.

With some strong warning about his 'flirting' appetite for other women, Shemima said; "I am going to sit on that girl."

This statement took Ali by some surprise. He clearly, never expected that from his lover. At some point his reaction gave him up and he never got to defend himself about the claim.

As Shemima continued to detail what happens between the unknown lady and Ali on phone, the latter attempted explain issues but a jealous Shemima wouldn't listen.

"Why did you she answer my call?" she asked, and then Ali just retired to his silence with a some shy look on his face.

Her threat is enough to keep Ali from other women so far as she is with her. But then, Shemima expressed other concerns. She disclosed that Ali is a habitual smoker, and as Muslims it is not right.

She noted that Ali better changes his attitude and focus on his health and life than continue with such a lifestyle.

"I am not being judgmental but I wish he changes."

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