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Date Rush: Your Appearance Must Go with Your Bank Account Balance -Stephanie

(image attached is Giovanni)




Please allow me to laugh more because the only lady with a “Hyundai” accent has finally made a statement on men’s bank account. Date Rush is full of drama and thrills indeed.

When the Rushes of Stephanie and Gifty was still on, Update, the new Nigerian guy on the block who searches for love decided to ask the duo a simple question.

Update asked the ladies: if you go out with me and later finds out my appearance doesn’t resonate with my account balance, what would you do?

(Image here is Stephanie)

Stephanie quickly replied to him by saying: Your Appearance Must Go with Your Bank Account Balance. Simple.

Gifty on the other hand disclosed that she is a hardworking woman and doesn’t need the money of men to live. She further added that she would even work to be able to give her man money to live on.


This replay perhaps moved Update for him to choose Gifty over Stephanie.

But whatever be the case, Stephanie moves. She later disclosed that she is even afraid of Nigerians. They have ruined her life before ‘So’ even though this is her second heartbroken from a Nigerian, she is still unperturbed.

Date Rush is well renowned and has the attention of many Ghanaians. But my question is:

Do you agree with Stephanie?

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