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Reactions Of A Security Man After Seeing Hajia Bintu's Gigantic Backside

A security man who's name is unknown was spotted looking at Hajia Bintu's big backside on her way to sign her ambassadorial deal. The security man was standing in the stairs of the building Hajia Bintu and her team was approaching and upon seeing her, he just couldn't take his eyes of her because of her gigantic backside and the dress she wore making it overly attractive.

Picture of the security man looking at Hajia Bintu

This security man was in a white top uniform with his left hand on his head staring at the model as she approached the vehicle of the company that gave Hajia Bintu the 1 year ambassadorial deal. Upon arrival to where the vehicle was parked, Hajia Bintu decided to take some photographs with the van with different poses and this security man was still staring at Hajia Bintu. With all eyes on the beautiful model's huge backside.

Hajia Bintu moving to the company vehicle

The security man was later spotted by the camera man and had to change his angle to where the security man was standing. This brought to the attention of the others and they all started laughing. The security man saw he has been caught looking at Hajia Bintu, he just smiled at them and continued looking at Hajia Bintu's backside.

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Hajia Hajia Bintu


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