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Queen On "Odo Fever" Rejects By A Guy For Being Too 'Fat', Says She Isn't His Spec

From Odo Fever Love reality shows. 5G-News brings you all the moments of excitements, drama and the gist. 

Before then, last night, November 20 was Odo Fever's Season 2 episode 5. And each episode is of two section. (1 and 2)

First '1' section were these 5 beautiful ladies, with all the physique; Tall and Short body, Fair and Dark skin, make-up and non-makeup face, Fat and Skinny epitome. 

These ladies were trying to win the heart of 'just' one handsome guy named Polando. 

There was this lady also called Queen. She looks Fat, dark skinned and not too short. I can't tell if she applied make-up or not. [Incase you are curious, please zoom her picture to see it for yourself!!]

At the look of things, Queen was so into Polando and wishes he could choose her for a Date. There is this saying... [love goes where love is] but in the feelings of Queen, the connection is diode. 

Before Polando could go ahead to choose a Date, he put out this sensitive relationship question to the ladies: "Supposed we are dating and the little money I have on me finished and I fall sick and you also don't have money. Would you abandon me or you will stay?" Polando questioned the ladies. 

I know you will also not be surprised to hear sweet promises. But when it comes to reality come and see... Hmmm!! 

Queen get hold of the mic and said she was always going to be there and will stay in much trying time. As if that was not enough. She went ahead to assure the guy that she can even go to family and friends to raise funds to support him get back on his feet. 

And when other ladies have finished talking. Shockingly, Polando told Queen that, he doesn't love her. Hence can not go on a Date with her. Gosh!! How Queen started shivering on stage in fact I couldn't get any word to describe it. Huh!!

Apparently, it was not quite clear if Polando rejected Queen because of the answer or her physique. Good luck another day. 

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