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I Doubted If Any Man Would Accept To Marry Me Any Time I Look At Myself - Princess

A 21-year old lady has shared her testimony after healing from severe first-degree burns in her face. Princess told BBC Pidgin that after her face was burned in a gas cooker accident, she thought no man would accept to marry her.

She also disclosed that she was so depressed and felt like dying because of the situation. The lady said: “I used to be beautiful before the incident happened to me, but because of what happened, I lost my beauty." "I thought it was the end of my life because no man would ever accept to marry me because of my burnt face," Princess told BBC.

Recovered completely from the incident, which she described as a miracle. Princess told the BBC she was able to heal completely due to her mother, who was supportive and helped her. She advised her not to give up and hoped she would be well again and have her once beautiful burnt face again.

She said she forced her to apply things like honey, geevee, and Aloe Vera on her burnt face. After six months, she was completely healed and her burnt face was restored back completely. You can see princess face when she was burnt, and now she's completely healed.

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