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“I feel very honored to be called a slay queen”- Ghana’s popular fashionista tells it all.

Fashion is on the rise across the globe. It has become the medium of expression for a lot of people. It tells the story of individuals and the culture of a given society. One can tell how a person feels within through their choice of clothing and style. A lot of Ghanaians are now paying attention to fashion and follow the latest trends when it comes to it. 

In Ghana just like most African countries, there is a lot of hostility towards outfits that are different from the generally accepted one, especially those worn by women. Very high fashioned looks are deemed highly inappropriate and unnecessary by many and to some, it’s just a work of art. 

Nana Akua Addo is one of such people who appreciate and showcase her love of culture and art through her choice of clothes. She is known by many only as a great fashionista and someone you can trust to set the red carpet on fire by her sophisticated and praise-worthy choice of apparel for any occasion at all. She is admired and adored by many but very little is known about the personality behind this hot fashion icon.

In an interview with ZionFelix, this is what Nana Akua Addo had to say about her life;

Her family...

She came from a family of five. She is the eldest of three children, she has two brothers. She was born and raised in Germany, Berlin. Her first time in Ghana was at the age of 16 for a summer holiday with her mother. As far as she was concerned, she was coming for a holiday but a plan by her mum to leave her behind to learn the tough life of Ghana. She lived with her aunties and grandmother. She currently has two girls with her husband


She started Junior high school at the age of 16 but had to start from Class three because she couldn’t speak English. She was made fun of a lot due to the age difference. She then had to learn and sit for the BECE exams with her seniors. She passed and got admission to University Practice Senior high school in Cape Coast. She later had to transfer to St Johns Grammer Senior High.

Beauty pageant...

She went on the Miss Malika Show after secondary school and was the 2nd Runner Up. Her batch was the first to partake in the beauty pageant in 2002. She then went back to Germany after Miss Malika and participated in another beauty pageant, Miss Ghana Germany which she won. She came back to Ghana after the pageant for her project tour but decided to stay back after. She partook in several pageants as well.

Movie career...

She was introduced into the movie industry later and her first movie was with Van Vicker where she was the main character. She has also produced about three movies herself. Her acting career is on hold currently because the movie industry isn’t lucrative at the moment as she stated.

Other businesses...

She’s currently in business with her mum. She manages her mum’s shops in Ghana. She also supports the Real Estate and Forex exchange businesses of her husband. She influences various fashion brands as well and is paid to wear designed clothes from various designers as a means of advertisement.

Being a “Slay Queen”...

She was asked in the interview with Zion Felix about how she feels when called a “Slay Queen” and she answered by saying, she doesn’t get offended by that but feels very honored to be called as such because the true meaning of who a slay queen is, is in line with her line of work. 

She however raised a concern about how the term “slay queen” has been given a negative connotation and used to describe women in a bad way. She added that every woman chooses to dress in a particular way as deemed fit to them and using the term slay queen to negatively describe their fashion preferences isn’t the best thing to do and that must stop.

She concluded the interview by thanking her fans for supporting her always and encouraged them to take good care of themselves.


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