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One-time Hit Wonders Who’s Songs Were Bigger Than their Name

One biggest nightmare of every artist is replicating their success. The majority are able to, well the least fortunate ones spend a life time trying tirelessly to reignite their flame and return back to the days when the masses thronged to hear their songs. One-day hit wonders are what these one-time hitters are called. Their careers simply ship wrecked, not even Christopher Columbus could rediscover them. Their songs pervaded the airways like an airborne disease and slid out of our ears like they were placed on a slippery surface. These one timers didn’t go oblivion after their first hits, their hit “gods” simply went into a deep slumber that a million vuvuzelas weren’t enough to wake them up, plainly they couldn’t treat patrons with yet another thrill and buzz. To add insult to injury their songs were bigger than their names

Below are 4 of such artists:


I’m most certain that this name doesn’t ring any bells, its because this young artist faded out like faded jean. The only information Google will bless you with, if you were curious enough to type his name into Google’s search engine will be his only recognizable hit, which is “Brukina”. One very odd thing about this artist is that his song was more popular than the persona himself so I won’t look at you with the corner of my eyes if you probably hadn’t heard of him. This amazing rapper was actually amongst the first badge of people who took part in MTN Hitmaker, his song Brukina was featured in several local movies as background music and adverts. MTN even used his song for an advert. Did he receive any royalties? Your guess is as good as mine. Trozoo actually has a song with Medikal and is also a Sowutuom boy.


The name sounds Voltarian right? Its because he was and was tipped to be a serious competitor to Edem but fate didn’t smile so much on this rapper. His Hit song “Yenko Nkoaa” was an immediate banger. He received so much airplay that everyone thought he was definitely going to be a household name but this chap simply packed his tools and sped off into the sun set and never to be heard off again. Just like Trozoo the artist himself wasn’t as popular as his song.


I could bet you know his song but haven’t the slightest idea how he looks like. His hit song “Ye Wo Krom” literally overshadowed him. There were hardly any DJ’s, who didn’t enlist his song in their playlist. He was an overnight success. If your curiosity drives you to Google, and you decided to spray his name without attaching his hit song in the search bar, you will be taken aback to your primary school days because Google will assume you were oblivious of what atom is and will hit you with a whole thesis on what an atom is. On a more serious note What is an Atom? Lol

Dr. Slim

If you are wondering if he is a doctor, sorry to burst your bubbles he isn’t. He could have been a Psychiatrist though because his hit song got the whole country mad. This banger titled “Seke” had a rather odd gesture of madness attached to it. People in an attempt to act out what the song meant resorted to acting crazy. It was a bizarre sight to behold but undoubtedly it was a very big tune. Just like the rest on our list, his song was way bigger than the artist himself. If I randomly asked you to tell me who sang “Seke” you would literally bite your nails and hit your head in an attempt to remember but you wont because the artist was literally diminished, almost unknown.  

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