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MC Lost His Phone After “Grinding” A Lady's Backside At The Beach

The occurrences we witness on daily basis is simply surprise and mind-blowing. Many people do more for their pleasure gratification. Some spend on women to get the pleasure, others also get the satisfying and get to pay back later. That is the case with this MC at the beach. According to Archipelago, this MC lost his phone after grinding, he came back like 10 times but still couldn't find it. 

In the video, you would see that the MC is busily "grinding" the backside of a lady while the was twerking continuously for the MC. As he was busy dancing with the lady, he likely lost his attention on his handset, and that was the chance for those who want it. It could also be that it fell in the sand and many people may have possibly stepped on it to sink deep into the sand. The video has gone viral on social media with massive views and reactions. 

Check out the screenshot of the video:

Click link below to watch the video.

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