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The power Movies hold.

The power of Movies.

Movies are sequence of images displayed on a screen at a fast rate to create an appearance of motion.

Movies are sometimes based on a real life stories whiles most of them are fictions thus virtual fantasies.

Movies are serious time killers. People watch movies otherwise known as films at their leisure times.

Movies appeal to human senses with suspenseful sounds ,displays and storylines.

They can affect the way you talk , see things and as well as the way you think.

Movies like Titanic, Romeo and Juliet, Game of thrones had fans salivating because their catchy story lines.

Recently in Ghana Kumkumbagya an Indian telenovela that was shown on Adom TV garnered millions of Ghanaians attention. The translation into the local dialect got it on the lips of most Ghanaians from offices to workshops to canteens.

Churches were even afraid of losing their members to this programme.

Arya Starks basketball slam-like killing of the Night Walker in the Game of Thrones movie came as a relieve on the world but was just a movie.

Super heroes in movies like Batman, Ironman,Spiderman and the lots inspires a lot of kids and grown ups of which their images are displayed in rooms as if they are real life heroes. 

Governments are pushing in for rules and laws to restrict the contents of movies due to the power it has. Movies perhaps has changed us in a way we are unaware of.

Which movie did empower you and changed the way you used to think.

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