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Stand Up From That Chair Immediately: Fresh Drama Unfolds At The Ejura Committee Sitting

The three-member committee probing the Ejura shooting has begun sitting and drama has started unfolding. The first person to testify before the committee on Monday, July 11, 2021, was the linguist to the Dagomba Chief at Ejura, Abdul Wahab Alhassan. He was at the committee to present the position of his chief on the entire brouhaha and also reveal circumstances leading to the death of the grandson of the chief on the day.  

The mode of communication by the Chief linguist was in Dagomba and that required the services of an interpreter. As he was delivering his account to the committee, the interpreter kept translating it to the members and the entire population of the country watching at the time. The interpreter was discharging his duty diligently but some members of the committee were not happy and decided to confront him.

The problem was that the interpreter whose name is currently unknown was sitting in a chair whilst delivering his duty. His conduct was against the rules and regulations of the committee and that sparked the entire drama. Some members of the committee believed the young man was being disrespectful.

They stopped asking the questions along the way and commanded him to stand up from the chair immediately. “You are not supposed to sit on a chair to do your work, stand up immediately”. A member of the committee commanded the interpreter. The entire hall was quiet for a moment but the interpreter obliged and stood up to continue the rest of his work to the committee.

Lessons from the conduct of the committee on the interpreter bring back the moral conduct of how people are trained in typical Ghanaian traditional settings. When a child is addressing an elderly, they are supposed to stand up. Even in the classroom, a student is supposed to address their teachers with respect and that includes standing up from their desks. This has been our culture and people are expected to obey them irrespective of their location.

The linguist narrated how the grandson of the chief, Muntala Mohammed was buried after he was shot on the day. He also revealed that the late Muntala Mohammed was an apprentice at a mechanic shop and single. This is a very sad story panning out from the committee. May their souls rest in peace.

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