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I’ll Buy You A Car: Whatsapp Chat Between ‘Honorable’ And A Beautiful Lady Leaks

Social media has gone through series of development to the extent that it has become a platform where people share their life stories.

Chats on social media are generally supposed to be private except in group platforms that contain a lot of participants.

Many individuals prefer to have private chats on various social media platforms since privacy is assured.

However, these private chats sometimes go wrong and find their way to the public domain. One of such chats has found its way out, and a cross-section of the public is expressing different views.

A man whose name has only been saved as honorable has been engaging in a private chat with a beautiful lady whose name has also been provided in the chat as Sami.

In the chat, honorable seem to have expressed interest in the young lady and wanted to have a relationship with her.

The young lady turned down the proposal of honorable with the excuse that she is already having another man in her life. But honorable insisted and started making promises.

Honorable who sounded seriously promised to buy a car to support the business of the young lady should she accept to be with him.

“The one who loves you is always ready to spend and support you to achieve your goals. I have secured a place for you and I’m even planning to get you a van for your food distribution business. I hope you can see all the goodness in me and chose me. Please treat what I’m telling you seriously”. Parts of the chat by honorable indicated.

In response, the young lady replied in the negative and indicated that she is not interested in all the promises made by the honorable. “Thank you but no”. She replied.

The chat was leaked by the lady who was justifying the reasons why she rejected honorable.

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