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Dreadlocks Are Not Uniquely African Culture - Professor Adams Bodomo

For some weeks, Ghanaians have been engrossed in a debate about two boys in dreadlocks who were denied admission into an elite second cycle school for refusing to cut their hair to conform with school rules about hairstyles.

Many commentators have since jumped in either supporting or against the school involved, This include renowned professor of linguistics at the university of Vienna Austria Adam Bodomo.

He said, I am often surprise to come across young Ghanaians who have never left the shores of Ghana, yet try to carry themselves as if they were African Americans. Especially dressing like, and imitating the mannerisms of some pop culture personalities they see from a far.

Also he said, Dreadlockization which is a terms he use for dreadlocks is a tip of the iceberg, as I said earlier others involved Macdonald . The rampant eating of burgers , drink unhealthy sodas and ingesting other kind of junk fast food and other stuff.

Then went further to say, dreadlocks are not uniquely African cultural practices, they are artefacts of sect or subculture in many society. our young ones are busy copying this kind of Black culture due to many cultural influences like Hollywoodization.

Finally he said Ghanaians youth are getting not only positive influences from the African diaspora but also negative influences like dreadlocks in one of his post on facebook.

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