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My Beef With Opambour Will Never End Any Time Soon- Nana Agraadaa

Dr. Patricia Asiedua commonly known as Nana Agraadaa, the fetish priestess at Sowutoum in Accra has stated that, she is not going to end her beef with Rev. Opambour Adarkwa Yiadom.

She said, many noble people have called her and spoken with her to end the beef and she was about to consider their advice only to see Opambour on his Prophet One TV still insulting and speaking against her.

Nana Agraadaa, alleged that, Rev. Opambour's wife has ones gone mad at his church which up to now the madness has not been cured.

Nana Agraadaa also said, Pastor Chief has come to her house with some big men to apologise to her and she gave them ultimatum that, Opambour should come out and apologise to Christian Council for speaking against them but she has seen that, Opambour has not changed and still insults her so there is no way that she will allow this beef to end.

Nana Agraadaa also said that, the revelations she is going to bring out the subsequent days, the whole world will know that, no one battles her and win. She also showed a video on her Thunder television which in the said video, Opambour couldn't drink his own ' aburamu nsuo', she challenged Opambour to heal his wife with his so called ' miracle water' .

Nana Agraadaa made this claim on Thunder television on her program dubbed ' the talking point' on Sunday 22nd November, 2020.

Nana Agraadaa also alleged that, Opambour has been sleeping with his own daughter and people are not talking about it. She therefore challenged Opambour to come out and curse himself if the allegations are not true.

Credit: Thunder Television

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